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How To Embed A Link Into A Video

Advertising On YouTube Videos

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 6 months you nust have heard about the power of video for your web based business.

Well imagine putting your own clickable link on almost any YouTube video and then being able to embed that video onto your own web page or post a link to it. Using popular videos can enable your afvertising to go viral.

If you leave comments on blogs or enter into discussions on forums it is normally not permitted to post self serving links into the text you write but posting a URL to a relevent video often is allowed. Imagine the power of that video carrying your own advertising with a direct link to your own web site (or any other web page)

This is not only possible but it is also very easy to do, takes only a couple of minutes and is absolutely free.

Below is a video I made some time ago. It is the first How To video I ever made and the sound is a bit out of sync and the Yola site I refer to no longer exists but even so the video shows you exactly how to embed a link into You Tube videos.

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