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Dutch Bicycles For Commuting.

Dutch Bicycles For Commuting.

Fietser Dutch Bikes

Fietser Dutch Bikes

There are four main ways that people commute around our cities and of these four ways commuting by bicycle is the one that
more and more commuters are turning to. In the U.K. many of the growing number of commuters are choosing a Dutch Bike as
their vehicle of choice for making that daily commute to work.

Let us look at the four main means of commuting and let you make up your own mind.

The first and most obvious way people choose to get to work is simply to walk. The advantage of walking to work is that it’s
free and provides good and valuable exercise. Walking to work is also convenient with no timetable to adhere to and no worries
about traffic jams or train cancellations.
The disadvantage is that few people actually live close enough to their place of work to be able to comfortabely achielle-opathwalk there
and when the weather is cold and wet walking is not a very pleasurable experience.

Another way for people to commute to work is to forgo the human power used for walking or commuting by bicycle and use a
motor vehicle, usually a car. The advantage of using a car is that it protects the user from the elements and also it is easy
to carry goods with you in the vehicle. In theory using your own vehicle should also release you from the restrictions of being
tied to a timetable however as any commuter knows provision has to be made for delays caused by roadworks, accidents or
excessivelly heavy traffic.
The disadvantage of commuting by car is the cost of buying, maintaining, insuring and taxing the vehicle. There is also the
expense of fuel and parking. Anybody regularly using a car during rush hour in a major city knows it can be an expensive and
unpleasant experience plus of course it is not very kind to the planet.

Possibly the most used way of commuting, at least in a city like London is to use the train and/or the underground (known as
‘The Tube’ in London). Theoretically this should be the best way to travel, when the railways and the underground network
are running according to plan it is a fast and convenient way to get around and with so many underground stations around London
there is usually not too much off a walk at each end of the journey.
The disadvantage of train and tube travel is that it is becoming increasingly expensive and during the rush hour prone to
overcrowding so can be very uncomfortable. Unfortunately train and tube travel is also subject to delays and cancellations so
a journey could easily take two or three times longer than anticipated.

When using a dutch bicycle for commuting around a major city many Dutch Bike

of the disadvantages associated with the other methods of
getting around are eliminated. Parking a bicycle is free and usually very easy and there is not the cost of of fuel or expensive
rail tickets. A bicycle is not subject to cancellations or getting stuck in gridlock, it’s healthy, proving great aerobic and
physical exercise. A Dutch bike probably providess a much greater level of comfort than most other bicyles because they usually
have wide soft seats and a riding position that is quite upright and so does not put any strain on the back, indeed many people
Maintain that using a Dutch bicycle for commuting is like going to work on an armchair.

Photos provided courtesy of Fietser who are the exclusive importers of these beautiful hand made, custom built Dutch and Belgian bicycles.

For the best in nostalgic design and quality have a look around the Fietser website.

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