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Cherry Picker Software

Cherry Picker Software

Cherry Picker Software

Website Keyword Analysis

Some people claim to like researching which keywords to use and what niche to target next. Personally keyword research is the part of internet marketing that I really dislike, I find it very frustrating going through the process of finding the right words that get enough searches but that are still reasonably easy to target.

Thankfully now there is now a free cherry picker software that makes the whole process of website keyword analysis a lot easier and more efficient, this software is so good it even makes the process a lot more interesting.

I used to use a simple formula for choosing my keywords, I would first use the Google keyword tool to make a list of relevent long tale keywords that returned at least 1,000 searches per month, (the easy bit) I would then do a Google search on those words ( in quotation marks) and try to find ones that returned the lowest number of results, less than 20,000 is ideal, upto 50,000 is acceptable. Using this formula I will usually get on Google page 1 in less than a month and occasionally within hours, and once I did it in 3 minutes, and before you question that I know some incredible tricks. Just ask if you want to know how it’s done.

Here’s the problem. My website keyword analysis could take me hours and hours to find the right choice, worse still despite spending all those hours on research there were times when either I could not get ranked for my long tailed keywords or it took me months of consistent hard work. By the way when I say ranked I’m talking about page 1 and preferably the top 5, nothing else really counts. The othe rgreat flaw in my system is that it often misses easy targets or “Cherries” this is because a lot of niche keywords are targeted by people who don’t know anything about SEO so sometimes there are long tailed, or even short keywords that show hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of results but are still easy to get ranked for. Cherry picker sofware helps to identify these search terms and with a bit of practice your website keyword analysis can be achieved almost at a glance.

Give it a try, it’s free. Earnalot Cherry Picker Software

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  3. Really liked going through this. Keep it up!

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