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When I first set up this site the intention was simply to review a variety of products and services in the hope that you would find some value in seeing an independent review of a varied cross section of goods and services that I use or have experience with.

Although this user review site is still very young and in it’s developemental stage I have realised that there is a need not just for a review site but also a site that can provide a range of ‘How To’ features. After all it’s all very well getting somebody’s opinion of something but if you don’t know how to use it or get the most value from it what’s the point.

It is my intention to be able to offer you on this page a good range of free resources and information. To that end I have teamed up with Chris Farrell, the award winning Internet business training expert and am proud to be able to offer his ‘Success Grenade’ as the backbone of my newsletter. Supplementing this incredibly valuable but absolutely free newsletter is a series of videos and my own occasional newsletters which will provide you with additional amazing tips and short cuts.

Over the last 2yrs I have accumulated a vast store of free books and software as well as web address’ of some terrific sites offering free services all of which will be made available to you.

Additionally I offer a personal service to all of my subscribers so whatever your interests and needs are just reply to my newsletters and I am sure to be able to help you with whatever you need absolutely free.

If all this is free what’s in it for me? Well my blog sites all carry advertising and I get paid just for carrying that advertising. Also although for most people the free services I offer you will be more than enough to fill your needs some of you will, on occassion require more advanced products and for some of those I will receive a commission.

There is a much used quote from ‘Zig Ziggler’ a great sales trainer and exceedingly nice guy that goes “You can get anything you want if you just help enough people get what they want first” I firmly believe in that quote.

By signing up to my newsletter you will have access to an amazing range of free resources.  At the moment I don’t know you, once I do I’ll be able to offer you resources that are more individual to your needs and interests. For now I’d like you to take a look at these examples of what I can offer.

These are all available Free of charge in your first newsletter So subscribe now.

DotcomologyDotcomology is a 325 page reference book worth over $3oo. It is like an encylopeadia of everything you need to know about setting up, marketing and running an on-line business

101 Motivational QuotesStart each day with a motivational quote. Reading one of these quotes each morning will help you to have a day feeling motivated and inspired.

Big Dream Box If the passion that fires your mission is so molton that you will never stop until it is in your grasp then thistreasure box of wisdom will remind you of something else that you allready know (but may have forgotten)

Shattering The Myth Adopting the right mindset to make the Internet work for you. Woody Allen said it best…”the world is run by people who show up. When you talk to any successful person, they all say that in life, there are either results or excuses.”

This is just a small sample of what you will receive when you subscribe, they will be available for immediate download on your first newsletter. You will also receive much, much more so subscribe now then come back to this blog there is lots of great info right here.

Sorry! Subscriptions Temporarily Closed

“Come to the edge,” he said.

They said, “We are afraid.”

Come to the edge,” he said.

They came.

He pushed them…and they flew.”

— Guillaume Apollinaire

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Backlink Building – Social Monkee

Backlink Building – Social Monkee

Social Monkee

Backlink Builder

Here is a quote from the user guide: SocialMonkee is a link building service that allows you to easily create unique, dofollow backlinks to any page every day. Every time you submit a URL to SocialMonkee, the system submits it to a number of social bookmarking sites over a certain period of time. Each social bookmarking site has its own domain name and a unique C-Class IP address. Once the submission is fully completed, you get access to a link report.

In fact to use Social Monkee really well takes a bit longer than advertised because the title and description need to be spun to avoid duplicate content, there are spinning tools available through Social Monkee but I have never used them as I prefer what I consider to be the best article spinner which you can access at Earnalot Article Spinner.

In addition once you have submitted your content and it has been delivered you need to let Google know about it by pinging the links.

Don’t let any of this worry you though, even if it takes you half an hour to do it all it is still very worthwhile. I have been using Social Monkee for quite some time now and it is a valuable part of my SEO strategy.

Now you know a bit more about it get over to Social Monkee and start building those backlinks, improve your SEO score and get your website ranking higher in the search engines.

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How To Use Pinterest To Refresh Old Articles

How To Use Pinterest To Refresh Old Articles

Pinterest has fast become one of the biggest platforms to help your marketing go viral so why not use it to refresh the interest in the articles you have already used in your marketing campaigns?

How To Use Pinterest To Refresh Old Articles

Many people are not aware how to use Pinterest with their own images in conjunction with other content found on the web but it really is very simple and choosing or creating the right image can help your content go viral in a very short space of time.

The first thing to do is to find or create an image that is both striking and relevant to the content you are wishing to share.

Once you have that image the rest of the process is simple and quick as this video will show you.

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Making Your Long Commute By Dutch Bicycle More Fun – The Bike And Equipment.

Fietser Dutch Bikes

Fietser Dutch Bikes

Sometimes, perhaps because you have moved house or your workplace has moved offices you may find the commute to work on your Dutch bicycle becomes something rather long and tedious. I have sought the opinions of numerous medium to long distance bicycle commuters to try to find ways to make a commute by Dutch bicycle more fun. Here is a small selection of the feedback I received. The most popular answer I have received is unquestionably the need for the right equipment.

First of all the bicycle you use is of the utmost importance. It must be the right size for your frame with a comfortable saddle and riding position and with sufficient gears for the type of terrain to be covered and loads (if any) to be carried. It should be low maintenance, preferably with an enclosed chain, a nighttime ride home in poor conditions is made even worse at the thought of having to clean and oil the chain at the end of your journey. Drum brakes are also preferable. This is particularly important during the winter months when salt and grit on the roads corrode exposed chains almost overnight and caliper brakes have a significant lapse and tend to wear out very quickly during wet weather.
Fortunately using a Dutch bike for commuting can fulfill all of the above requirements and much more.
If you must carry something with you when riding your Dutch bike try to avoid using a rucksack or backpack as this puts more strain on the back, raises the centre of gravity and also often leads to excessive perspiration where the backpack rests on the back. The first choice for carrying luggage on your Dutch bike should be panniers but failing this a stable rack front or rear is still greatly preferable to using a backpack.

It is difficult to have fun when cold, wet and uncomfortable so choosing the right clothing is as important as choosing the right model of Dutch Bike. Rain wear is of utmost importance, jacket, trousers, gloves and don’t forget shoe and head coverings. Make sure your rain wear is breathable otherwise you’ll arrive at your destination smelling like grated Parmesan stuffed in old socks. Buy the best clothing you can afford, in the long run you will be glad that you did. One other thing, even with the superbly comfortable saddles that Dutch Bikes are usually equipped with it is still a good idea to invest in a couple of pairs of good padded shorts or under shorts.

Once your physical needs and comfort are taken care of it is time to think about your mental comfort and making your ride fun and interesting. There are an almost infinite number of ways to take care of your mental well-being whilst using a Dutch bicycle for commuting and I will be publishing another article soon to cover some of these. In the meantime why not leave a comment letting us know how you make your ride more fun and interesting.

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Where to Begin the Search For Your Perfect Dutch Bicycle

Bicycle Reviews – Where to Begin the Search For Your Perfect Bicycle

By Rich Evans

Reading bicycle reviews is a great way to benefit from someone else’s experience and knowledge. Deciding which Dutch bicycle to purchase can be an overwhelming decision, given the sheer number of bicycle companies and models within each company that exist today. Bicycle riding has become a very popular sport, as opposed to just something that people do for pleasure, or to get around. Now many people insist on having the proper “equipment” for cycling, rather than just hopping on a bike when you want to get somewhere. What used to be simple has now become a major headache for many people.

How to know what’s right for you

There are an almost unlimited number of choices when buying a new bicycle. There are bicycles that are meant to be used in competitions, bicycles meant for exercise, for transportation, and yes, even bicycles yo can ride for fun! It can be hard to cut through the available options to see which one can be the best for you. The truth is there is no one bicycle that is the best, simply the one that best fits your needs. In order to figure out what that is it can helpful to figure out what your needs are and how you plan to use the bike. If you are looking for a mode of transportation around the city, that can also be use occasionally for exercising, you will prefer a different bike than one that can be used for mountain biking.

Dutch Bike

Ride In Comfort and Style (click image)

You will want to turn to bicycle reviews to learn about different features that each bicycle has, and with such a vast array of bicycles to choose from, you will certainly benefit from the views and advice of the experts. Each new bicycle is sure to have many models and different materials will have been used to create ever more sophisticated bikes. It is important to not only learn about these features in a specific bicycle, but also to be able to compare the same feature in different bicycles. Bicycle reviews by experts are your most reliable source for complete information on everything you need to know about bicycles.

Every bicycle magazine has bicycle reviews which will inform you about the latest in technology related not only to the bicycles, but also to the different bicycling gear and accessories that are available on the market today. Research is an important step if you want to get the best possible bicycle and should be done before actually visiting a bicycle shop to make your purchase. Also, if you don’t find what you are looking for in the bicycle reviews in magazines, you can always turn to reviews contained in cycling websites, although you must be careful about taking everything you read there as being absolutely reliable.

Nevertheless, reading other people’s reviews will surely provide you with valuable information about not only the bicycles and accessories, but also approximate prices which will help you decide which bicycles you can afford and which are great bicycles but simply out of your budget. The bottom line is that though bicycle reviews are a great starting point for you to purchase your bicycle and gear as well as accessories, you still need to get on a Dutch bicycle and try it out for you before you can ascertain whether what you read in the bicycle reviews was true for you or not.

Rich Evans

Owner, Bicycle Tips

Get free bicycle tips and advice at [http://www.bicycle-tips.com]

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Rich_Evans

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Dutch Bicycles For Commuting.

Dutch Bicycles For Commuting.

Fietser Dutch Bikes

Fietser Dutch Bikes

There are four main ways that people commute around our cities and of these four ways commuting by bicycle is the one that
more and more commuters are turning to. In the U.K. many of the growing number of commuters are choosing a Dutch Bike as
their vehicle of choice for making that daily commute to work.

Let us look at the four main means of commuting and let you make up your own mind.

The first and most obvious way people choose to get to work is simply to walk. The advantage of walking to work is that it’s
free and provides good and valuable exercise. Walking to work is also convenient with no timetable to adhere to and no worries
about traffic jams or train cancellations.
The disadvantage is that few people actually live close enough to their place of work to be able to comfortabely achielle-opathwalk there
and when the weather is cold and wet walking is not a very pleasurable experience.

Another way for people to commute to work is to forgo the human power used for walking or commuting by bicycle and use a
motor vehicle, usually a car. The advantage of using a car is that it protects the user from the elements and also it is easy
to carry goods with you in the vehicle. In theory using your own vehicle should also release you from the restrictions of being
tied to a timetable however as any commuter knows provision has to be made for delays caused by roadworks, accidents or
excessivelly heavy traffic.
The disadvantage of commuting by car is the cost of buying, maintaining, insuring and taxing the vehicle. There is also the
expense of fuel and parking. Anybody regularly using a car during rush hour in a major city knows it can be an expensive and
unpleasant experience plus of course it is not very kind to the planet.

Possibly the most used way of commuting, at least in a city like London is to use the train and/or the underground (known as
‘The Tube’ in London). Theoretically this should be the best way to travel, when the railways and the underground network
are running according to plan it is a fast and convenient way to get around and with so many underground stations around London
there is usually not too much off a walk at each end of the journey.
The disadvantage of train and tube travel is that it is becoming increasingly expensive and during the rush hour prone to
overcrowding so can be very uncomfortable. Unfortunately train and tube travel is also subject to delays and cancellations so
a journey could easily take two or three times longer than anticipated.

When using a dutch bicycle for commuting around a major city many Dutch Bike

of the disadvantages associated with the other methods of
getting around are eliminated. Parking a bicycle is free and usually very easy and there is not the cost of of fuel or expensive
rail tickets. A bicycle is not subject to cancellations or getting stuck in gridlock, it’s healthy, proving great aerobic and
physical exercise. A Dutch bike probably providess a much greater level of comfort than most other bicyles because they usually
have wide soft seats and a riding position that is quite upright and so does not put any strain on the back, indeed many people
Maintain that using a Dutch bicycle for commuting is like going to work on an armchair.

Photos provided courtesy of Fietser who are the exclusive importers of these beautiful hand made, custom built Dutch and Belgian bicycles.

For the best in nostalgic design and quality have a look around the Fietser website.

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Fast Internet Searching

Earnalot Best Product Reviews looks at how you can get

Fast Internet Searching

After downloading an update for Fiefox my Google toolbar disapeared meaning that I also Fast Internet Searchinglost my Google searchbox which was very annoying.

I haven’t been able to do anything about not having the Google toolbar but I have found a solution to the google search box which I find faster and more flexible than the normal google search box and I can use it directly from my address bar.

I’m talking about Earnalot Instant Fox the Firefox plugin that enables you to choose whether you want to search google, google images, google maps, you tube, wikipedia, amazon, ebay, and twitter. It also allows you to check the weather or use a calculator all from the convenience of your address bar.

To make your Internet searching even faster the Earnalot Instant Fox incorporates a couple of other quick search features such as providing you with automatic suggestions while you are typing so thet you may only have to type the first letter of your search term before what you are looking for shows up and the search results appear instantly as you type.

Like most of the tools you find on Earnalot Best Prduct Reviewsthis one is absolutely free Install Instant Firefoxso go ahead and give it a try, once you get used to it you will find it is a much faster, more convenient way to search the Internet.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and share this post with your friends

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Get Video To The Top Of Google

Embed Video Onto Any Webpage

Getting your video to the top of Google page 1 is incredibly easy, in fact today Earnalot Best Product Reviews will show you how you can embed videos onto every page of Google and any other webpage you want – even if you don’t own it.

Just watch this video to see how simple it is.

Please leave comments and share this page with your friends

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Rotating Banner Ads In WordPress

Another Best Product Review.

Wordpress List BuildingWriting a WordPress blog is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online. No matter what your interests are or niche you choose to target there are bound to be dozens of affiliate products you could advertise on your blog.

The big question is, how to advertise them?

Well you could just choose one or two key products and put banner ads for those  in your sidebar or within each post but that method comes with a couple of drawbacks. First of all do you really want to limit yourself to just one or two products? Secondly your readers will develop “Ad Blindness” -  They see the same ads so often they no longer register what they are seeing.

You could of course put loads of banner ads throughout your posts and on your sidebar but your readers will soon get put off if your posts contain too many ads and those that are not will still develop ad blindness. Plus how much time is it going to add on to the amount of time it takes to make a post?

By far the best way to be able to advertise a virtually unlimited number of different products without being obtrusive is to use rotating banner advertising.

Until recently this method of monetising your blog was limited to a few tech wizards or those willing to fork out the money to pay a programmer

Now putting Rotating Banner Ads In WordPress blogs is a set it and forget it process that requires absolutely no tech skills whatsoever and takes only minutes to set up. Whats more the program that does it all for you will even keep stats so you can see exactly how many times each banner has been clicked so you can determine the effectiveness of each of the rotating banners you are using.

The best way to find out how this works is to watch the video below and then click on the link embebed in the video.

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How To Build Facebook Pages In Minutes

Build A Facebook Page In Minutes

Here we have a best product review about building Facebook like pages.

It seems the whole world and his dog is telling us how to make money with Facebook and facebook “Like” pages ( formerly “Fan” pages).

Use it to get followers to click on your “LIKE” button. Use it to build a list. Use it to make a sale. Use it to get massive exposure to your business.

These are all valid reasons to build Facebook like pages but the simplest, surest way to make money with Facebook pages is by building them for somebody else.

Even the least social media savvy company’s are realising how important it is to have a


Build Facebook Pages

facebook page. Many of these company’s are paying PR and internet marketing company’s thousands of dollars to build them a facebook page. What is amazing, and I come across these company’s everyday is that there are many large, supposidly smart company’s paying big bucks to agencies to build them a Facebook page but when I look at it there is no Facebook page there at all. The landing page is the wall or simply the info page. A few of the better agencies are building a proper page but with no reveal page or any reason whatsoever for the visitor to click the like button.

The size of the market to build a proper facebook fan page is absolutely enormous yet still represents a tiny portion of the company’s that have an internet presence.

So the easiest way to make money with facebook is to identify these company’s, give them a sales pitch, either by email, phone call or personal visit, as to what a good Facebook page is and why they should have one and then building it for them.

Thanks to Earnalotwebcheats I can build an extremely proffessional, feature packed LIKE page in less than 10 minutes and charge anywhere from $600 – $1,500 dollars for it.

To find my clients I simply find a local online business directory or look in the local glossy magazines (the type you find in waiting rooms) and target the company’s I find, 99% of them do not have a proper Facebook page. I then call the company and speak to the owner/director/Marketing Director ( depending on the company’s size) give them my pitch as to the importance of having a great page. Then spend a few minutes building it for them, simple! Then I get referals from them.

The key is being able to build a fantastic, feature rich page in just a few minutes which is incredibly easy using Earnalotwebcheats.

Watch the video below to see what I mean.

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WordPress To pdf

WordPress To pdf

I was looking at different ways of sharing my content from Best Product Reviews and also encouraging other people to share it for me (make it go viral). One way to make my content more accessible to more people is to allow my visitors to obtain a pdf of my wordpress feature but of course I had no idea how to convert wordpress to pdf. At first I thought about creating my own pdf files Wordpress to pdfand then putting that pdf in wordpress. Of course that would simply double my workload, and even worse I had no idea how to put a pdf in wordpress

I found the solution with a really cool free wordpress plugin called PDF24 Article To PDF

Installing and setting up this wordpress to pdf plugin is quick and easy and gives you a variety of options as to how and where you want to display your pdf in wordpress download option.

Once you have installed and activated PDF24 Article To PDF go to PDF24 plugin in your settings section of your admin page this will reveal your options page.

wordpress-iconAmongst your options is whether to install a direct download link or whether the visitor must enter their email and receive their wordpress pdf as a link in an email. I prefer the later because it gives me the opportunity to put a message in their email link and because it is possible to use html in the email I can include an image and colours and links to additional resources the recipient may be interested in. I can also takle the opportunity to encourage the recipient to share the pdf with their friends (viral marketing).

emailTip. You can quickly create an email template to inlude images, coloured text or whatever you want by using your wordpress editor in the visual mode then switch to html and cut and paste the code into your email template.

Don’t forget to like this page and share it with your friends, the buttons are at the top, Then leave a comment.

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